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Core Businesses

Core Businesses

Every Effort to Supply Proprietary Technology and Services, with the "Customer First" Approach.

"What does it take to achieve customers satisfaction?" Ever since being established, Tosei Engineering has made every effort to supply proprietary technology and services, with the "Customer First" approach in mind. The requests and issues that customers are facing are carefully examined directly by technical engineers who have a wealth of experience and know-how, from the planning and proposal stage through to design and manufacturing, and even after-sales service. This represents the very roots of our products and services. With increasing demands on more advanced and precise technologies, we are untiring in our ongoing efforts to becoming an 'only-one' company capable of quickly responding to the broad range of needs that our customers have.

Three Core Businesses

Three Core Businesses

Tosei Engineering has won the trust of customers through its three core businesses of "Semiconductor manufacturing equipment," "Automatic measuring instruments" and "Measurement services." Here are some key features of each of these three core businesses.

Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

Special-purpose instruments and applications provided to cater to any customer requirements.

We propose a total system considering processing method and tool that are suitable for each material.
We provide a machine that combines each process in the manufacturing line, moreover we propose and support the most suitable system for its automation and process management. We provide custom-made measuring machine based on our experience for many years in the measuring technology.

Main products

Wafer edge grinding machine for silicon, SiC, GaN, GaAs, LT, sapphire, glass, crystal, metal and other compound materials.

Edge grinding and drilling machine for glass and other parts

Wafer demounting and cleaning system

Custom-made processing machines, measuring machines, and assembly equipment catering to customer requirements

Grinding service for various materials

Wafer Edge Griding Machine
Wafer Edge Griding Machine
Contact Type Wafer Thickness Measuring Machine
Contact Type Wafer Thickness Measuring Machine
Special Purpose Processing Machine
Special Purpose Processing Machine
Wafer Demounting and Cleaning Machine
Wafer Demounting and Cleaning Machine

Automatic Measuring Instrument

Optimal measurement systems designed for a diverse range of manufacturing sites

Tosei Engineering designs and produces reliable, special-purpose and high-precision measuring instruments to meet the exact specifications and performance required by customers.
Inspection systems are available in a broad range of industries, including dimension measurement instruments and balancing test equipment for machined parts, and performance testers for functional parts and products.

Measuring application for automobile parts

Measuring application for automobile parts

Application for machining of aluminum

Measuring application for bearing parts

Measuring application for small and middle size workpiece

Measuring application for large size workpiece

Measuring application for miniature bearing parts

Other measuring application

Application for precision measurement of length

Measuring application for compressor parts

Inner-Diameter Measuring Application for ATC

In-line measuring system 

Automotive component products

Assembly processes products

Bearing products

Compressor products

IT products

Measurement Service

Comprehensive range of services that reflect on customer trust

Tosei Engineering's measuring instrument services not only cover its own products, but provide calibration, repair and maintenance services for instruments made by Tokyo Seimitsu and Carl Zeiss of Germany - and services are available in Japan as well as an extensive range of locations overseas. 
With a network of industry-leading service bases, Tosei Engineering is backed with a comprehensive after-sales service system.

Maintenance Agreement and Periodic Inspections

Maintenance Agreement and Periodic Inspections

In the event of a fault, technicians sent out with highest priority to restore operations

Conduct periodic inspections, and maintenance and management of measurement instrument precision and functions

Maintenance costs can be budgeted in advance

Assistance for creating software and measurement programs

Broad range of available agreements to suit customer requirements

Compliance with various calibration standards like ISO 17025

Measurement Support Operations

Measurement Support Operations

Part program creation

Consignment measurements

Fabrication of workpiece jigs

Design and production of workpiece transportation systems (manual, automatic)

Proposals for other measurement support

After-sales Service System to Ensure Customer Satisfaction

Service engineers with the best skills in Japan acquired with periodic training, available at 14 service stations around Japan

Comprehensive support for relocation and installation following plant transfers and layout changes

Extensive range of components available at parts centers to quickly resolve any inconveniences caused in the event of problems

Reliable maintenance service available after deployment based on proprietary maintenance history management system

Comprehensive support system for providing training of operating methods and explanations of various functions to ensure measurement instruments can be used quickly after installation

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Core Businesses