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Promising to achieve major breakthroughs with ceaseless technological innovation.

Tosei Engineering was established in 1969 as a group company of Tokyo Seimitsu, one of Japan's leading precision measuring instrument and semiconductor manufacturing equipment manufacturers, with the aim of servicing that company's products as well as developing and manufacturing equipment for automatic and labor-saving measuring equipment. 

Ever since being established, Tosei Engineering has operated on its mantra of "No Measurement, no Manufacturing" as it supplies an extensive range of precision measuring instruments to the precision machining industry, as well as servicing those measuring instruments, while both developing technologies and achieving business growth. 

Our company specializes in particular on the development and manufacturing of automatic measuring instruments for production lines of precision components like those used in automobiles, bearings, home appliances and various types of electronics products. More recently, we expanded our scope to cover various automated instruments used in the semiconductor wafer manufacturing sector based on our core technologies. From April 1999, we also embarked on the development and production of wafer manufacturing devices such as wafer slicing machines and wafer edge grinding machines, and we will continue expanding our scope with significant investment toward development in the semiconductor manufacturing sector.

Instruments with an even greater level of precision have become essential throughout the measuring instrument sector, with the view to achieving greater energy conservation and cleaner production of automobiles, home appliances and a wide range of other products. On the other hand, the semiconductor manufacturing equipment sector requires greater wafer precision and larger wafer diameter sizes in order to reduce costs and achieve higher yields as semiconductor chips become more miniaturized and more integrated. 

To meet ever evolving and diversifying needs, we will continue developing the world's leading products and providing a comprehensive range of support services in line with our company MOTTO (Code of Conduct) of "WIN-WIN Relationships Create the World's No. 1 Products!" as part of our daily efforts to help enhance customer quality and play a key role in boosting productivity.

In closing, I would like to thank all our stakeholders and request your ongoing supporting and understanding moving forward.